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Kubota Generators in Saudi Arabia

The heart of the Kubota generators is Kubota’s own diesel engines.

Residential uses include backing up the power you can trust for solar and off-grid energy. For commercial businesses, our diesel generators are perfect for food vans, retail premises, pop-up shops, and outdoor events.

Kubota generators are easy to transport and maintain, safer, and quieter to use, so they’re ideal for agriculture and primary production, too. We design with both users and the environment in mind – you’ll get years of exceptional performance with reduced emissions and more fuel economy.

Kubota engines in the Kingdom are known for their excellent reputation, availability of spare parts, and efficiency and it is used widely in world-renowned machinery, these are sturdily built.
one-side-maintenance type diesel engines promise great reliability and
service life for almost any application.
Kubota is well known as one of the top engine manufacturers globally,
with its long experience. Reliability is guaranteed when powered by a Kubota engine.

Kubota Generator warranty: two years or 2,000 working hours (whichever comes first)  with authorized dealers in the Kingdom against manufacturing defects.

Discover the reliable power of Kubota generators. We offer a wide range of models to suit your needs.

Kubota diesel generator supplier in Saudi Arabia, مورد مولدات كهرباء كوبوتا اليابانية في السعودية
Kubota diesel generator supplier in Saudi Arabia, best diesel generators in Saudi Arabia
        Standby Prime   Close Type Dimensions  
Set Image Engine Model Engine Origin Kva Kw Kva Kw Lory Summer TAL (LxWxH)mm Catalogs
KT11 Kubota KT11 D1105-E2-BG JAPAN 12.1 9.68 10.9 8.72 TAL040C 1850x740x1250 CATALOG
KT15 Kubota KT15 V1505-E2-BG JAPAN 16.6 13.28 14.8 11.84 TAL040F 1850x740x1250 CATALOG
KT18 Kubota KT18 D1703-E2-BG JAPAN 20.0 16.0 18.0 14.4 TAL040F 1850x740x1250 CATALOG
KT24 Kubota KT24 V2203-E2-BG JAPAN 26.5 21.2 23.9 19.12 TAL042A 2100x1000x1220 CATALOG
KT27 Kubota KT27 V2003-T-E2-BG JAPAN 29.7 23.76 27 21.6 TAL042A 2100x1000x1220 CATALOG
KT33 Kubota KT33 V3300-E2-BG JAPAN 37 29.6 33.5 26.8 TAL042C 2270x1000x1250 CATALOG
KT36 Kubota KT36 V3300-E2-BG JAPAN 39.7 31.76 36.2 28.96 TAL042F 2270x1000x1250 CATALOG
KT50 Kubota KT50 V3800-T-DI-E2BG JAPAN 56 44.8 50 40 TAL042H 2270x1000x1250 CATALOG

Download our comprehensive catalog to find the exact parts you need for your Kubota generator
This catalog is for All Kubota BG Series Spare Parts List, which includes Air filters, Fuel Filters, Oil Filters, Belts, Fans, left pumps, injection pumps, water pumps, oil pumps, alternators, thermostats, and starters genuine parts numbers.

All Kubota BG Series Spare Parts List.