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About Us

Power Systems was established as a specialized institution in all matters related to power generators, which includes supplying, rental, and maintenance of electric diesel generators, in addition to the installation and maintenance of control panels.
And we seek to become the main shareholder in everything related to the following fields:

  • Diesel Generators
  • Light Towers
  • DSE Modules
  • ATS (auto transfer switches)

We are trying to succeed by providing the best services at competitive prices to our clients.Power Systems logo

We seek to be one of the leading institutions in the region that provide different services related to power generators, from supplying, installing, and renting generators, supplying and installing control panels and DSE panels, and we try to build our success by providing the perfection in design, innovation, and commitment to our customers.
We are always striving to be a major factor in providing power generation solutions, and ensuring that energy is provided whenever and wherever needed.


We have different capacities of diesel generators with power ranging from 10 to 2000 kVA, which can be used in homes and factories

We seek to provide the best services and the cheapest prices by satisfying our customers with the best generator services at competitive prices.


Our technician team has good installation experience and is trained to meet site requirements including generators, fuel systems, control panels,  manual and automatic switches, and cables.


We are distinguished by the maintenance work we provide, as we have a team of technicians specialized in electric power generators and are highly experienced in the maintenance of most types of diesel generators.

We always look up to meet our customers’ requirements around the clock to solve and maintain their power generators as soon as possible.