Kubota Diesel Generator 18KVA-20KVA

Kubota Engines

Kubota Engine is a reliable robust engine with a low cost of ownership. Kubota Produces engines with the highest standards of Japanese technology, having its own casting facility and technology securing a consistent production of complex designed crankcases to maintain unbeatable quality of the engines. It provides consistent reliable quality, design diversity for multiple solutions, multiple emission levels.

Genset Model: KT18 (Close Type)
3Phases, 60Hz,220v/380v, 1800rpm
Standby power: 20 Kva/ 16 kW.
Prime power: 18 Kva/ 14.4 Kw.
Engine: Kubota, D1703-E2-BG, 3 Cylinders (Japan Origin)
Alternator: Leroy Somer TAL040F (EU Origin)
Controlled by: DSE Control Panel (UK Origin)
Soundproof Canopy, Daily tank, Batterie, Emergency Push Button.

The above ratings represent the generating set capability guaranteed within ±3% at the reference conditions equivalent to those specified in ISO 8528/1 standard.


  1. The applicable voltage range is 220V, 380V to 480V for 60Hz applications. For other voltages, please consult factory.
  2. This generating set is of fixed speed of 1800 rpm.
  3. KT18 is the prime power rating of the generating set is where a variable load and unlimited hour usage are applied with an average load factor of 80% of the prime rating over each 24-hour period. Noting that a 10% overload is permitted for 1 hour in every 12-hour operation.
  4. KT20S is the standby power rating of the generating set is where a variable load limited to an annual usage up to 500 hours is applied, with 300 hours of which may be continuous running. Noting that no overload is permitted.
Engine Technical Data
Make & ModelKUBOTA D1703-E2-BG
Cylinders & Arrangement3; vertical in-line
Bore & Stroke (mm)87 x 92.4
Induction systemNaturally aspirated
CombustionIndirect injection
Cycle4 stroke
Compression ratio22.6
Cooling SystemWater-cooled
Displacement1.647 liters
Lube oil capacity5.6 liters Max
Coolant capacity5.5 liters
Standard governorIsochronous Electronic
Engine Speed1800 rpm
Fuel Consumption @ 100% Load3.9 (L/H)
Fuel Consumption @ 75% Load2.925 (L/H)
Fuel Consumption @ 50% Load1.95 (L/H)
Fuel Consumption @ 25% Load0.975 (L/H)
Radiator Cooling Air Flow (m3/s)0.61
Emissions regulationsFor non-regulated territories
Exhaust temperature ᵒC (max)500
Max exhaust gas flow (m3/min)3.87
Max. allowed back pressure (kPa)7.1

The above performance data are valid as per the following specs:

  • Diesel Fuel is according to BS2869 Class A2 or equivalent.
  • Lubricating oil is according to Grade SAE 15W-40 API CI4.
  • The coolant should be 50% antifreeze and 50% freshwater.
Alternator Technical Data
Make & ModelLeroy Somer TAL040F
Frequency / No. of poles60Hz / 4P
Ingress protectionIP23
Insulation classH
Terminals (Optional)6 (12)
Excitation systemSHUNT
Winding pitch2/3
AVR modelR120
Overspeed2250 R.P.M.
Voltage regulation± 1 %
Alternator airflow0.07 m3/s


  • The complete generating set is type-tested according to ISO 8528-8 standard.
Control Panel Specifications

GMP260MK (DSE6010 MKII) panel is an automatic start generating a set panel of microprocessor-based design which is capable of interfacing with the electronic engine through the can-bus J1939.  It is fully configurable by front fascia buttons and PC software as well. If the Mains voltage is to be monitored, DSE6020MKII can be offered.

Circuit Breaker Schneider or ABB, 3 Pole MCB (4 Pole available as Optional)


Sheet FabricationCNC shearing & bending
Paint typeHeat-treated powder-coated
Paint applicationElectrostatic corona spraying
Durability tests

§  IMPACT [EN ISO 6272]


§  Salt spray resistance [ASTM B117-73]

§  Humidity Resistance [ASTM D2247]


§  Panel is compliant with [ISO8528-8]


§  Clearance & Creepage [IEC60355-1]

§  Leakage current & Dielectric strength [IEC60355-1]

§  Protection against electric shock [IEC600 364-4-41]

Degree of protectionIP55
Wire crimping

§  Crimping force up to 20KN


§  Accuracy of 0.01mm

§  Each crimping is checked by Komax CFA+

Wire coding

§  Wires are coded by wire color and cross-section


§  Wires are coded by printed numbers

§  Wires are coded by a printed function of the wire


  • The control panel is certified by an ISO17025 accredited laboratory to have IP55 according to IEC60355

Genset Standard Features


Gensets are assembled in Saudi Arabia in compliance with ISO 8528 standard.


– The engine/alternator assembly rests on skid with Anti-vibration mounting pads.

– The skid is made up of durable sheet metals and beams exceeding “Vibration & Torsion” Resistance Norms.

– A skid-mounted fuel tank is supplied with fuel gauge, filler cap, fuel inlet, and outlet hoses.

– The control panel enclosure is made up of a reliable metal sheet.


-The skid and control panel enclosure is painted with heat-treated and power-coated electrostatic corona spraying.

– Paints passed durability tests conforming to international quality standards.

– Impact (EN ISO 6272)

– Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B117-73)

– Humidity Resistance (ASTM D2247)


– All Gensets are tested prior to dispatch.

– The test is automatically generated and checked according to ISO8528

– A test certificate is issued for each Genset


– Water-cooled Radiator with a belt-driven blower fan and full guarding

– Electric starter with solenoid Relay

– Battery Charging Alternator

– Energized to run solenoid

– Replaceable fuel, oil, and air filters

– Heavy-duty leads acid battery with matching capacity (Amps & CCA)

– One loose supplied industrial exhaust silencer – 16 DB noise reduction level.

– Integral Fuel Tank with 67 L capacity.


– User Manual for Operation, Installation and Maintenance guidance

– Wiring Diagram.

– Test Report

– Maintenance Schedule

– Catalogs for Engine, Alternator & AVR

Genset Optional Features

Manual & Automatic Transfer Switches,

Synchronizing & Totalizing Panels

Fuel water separator

Water jacket heater

Oil heater

Fuel heater

Battery heater

Anti-condensation heater

Air Shut-off Valve

Oil Sampler

Pre-lube Oil Pump

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