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John Deere DT154-DT169S

Generators powered by John Deere

John Deere has an unparalleled track record for providing reliable, robust and efficient Engines that won’t let you down, even in the most extreme conditions. You can depend on a John Deere engine for uninterrupted performance, durability and unbeatable fuel economy. These engines are built tough, for our harsh ambient conditions.

Genset Model No.: DT154 (Close Type)
3Phases, 60Hz,220v/380v, 1800rpm 
Standby power: 169 Kva/ 135.2Kw.
Prime power: 154 Kva/ 123.2Kw.
Engine: John Deere, 6068HF158, 6 Cylinders (EU Origin)
Alternator: Leroy Somer TAL044H 8S (EU Origin)
Controlled by: DSE Control Panel (UK Origin)
Sound proof Canopy, Daily tank, Battery, Emergency Push Button.

The above ratings represent the generating set capability guaranteed within ±3% at the reference conditions equivalent to those specified in ISO 8528/1 standard.


1. The applicable voltage range is 220V, 380V to 480V for 60Hz applications. For other voltages, please consult the factory.
2. This generating set is of a fixed speed of 1800 rpm.
3.DT154 is the prime power rating of the generating set is where a variable load and unlimited hour usage are applied with an average load factor of 80% of the prime rating over each 24-hour period. Noting that a 10% overload is permitted for 1 hour in every 12-hour operation.
4.DT169S is the standby power rating of the generating set is where a variable load limited to an annual usage up to 500 hours is applied, with 300 hours of which may be continuous running. Noting that no overload is permitted.
5.This rating level at voltage 220/380 & 127/220 are achieved when upsizing alternator to TAL044H

John Deere DT30

35.5kVA Standby, 31.3kVA prime

John Deere DT45

50.6kVA Standby, 44kVA Prime

John Deere DT57

62.7kVA Standby, 57kVA Prime

John Deere DT65

70kVA Standby, 65kVA Prime

John Deere DT80

87kVA Standby, 79kVA Prime

John Deere DT90

100kVA Standby, 91kVA Prime

John Deere DT125

137kVA Standby, 125kVA prime

John Deere DT155

170kVA Standby, 155kVA Prime

John Deere DT185

205kVA Standby, 186kVA Prime

John Deere DT200

220kVA Standby, 200kVA Prime

John Deere DT260

287kVA Standby, 261kVA Prime

John Deere DT320

352kVA Standby, 318kVA Prime