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We look up to supply the best designs of electric power diesel generators to our customers, the quality and the competitive price are our goals. we have a range of designs to meet our customers’ needs. starting from 10 Kva up to 1500 Kva electric diesel generators, we have the best electric power diesel generators brands in the market, like Cummins diesel generatorsKubota diesel generators, and  John Deere diesel Generators, and all our generators come with a modern soundproof canopy that has been designed especially for Saudi Arabia weather and comes with DSE controller. those electric generators are famous brands and all their spare parts are available in the local market.

CumminsJohn Deere, and Kubota electric diesel generators are known brands for their efficiency and ease to troubleshoot.

Our Diesel Generators are suitable for your different needs, from 50 Hz to 60 Hz depending on the customer’s request and what suits their needs.
with the best Soundproof canopy designs, our electric diesel generators with soundproof canopy will meet all our clients’ sites needs.